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Join us on the 18th of Feb for some healing, balancing and renewal of spirit. My girl Erin K will be closing out the day’s events with a gentle yoga routine that will work for beginners to seasoned yogis.

“Yoga is an art that everyone can benefit from” says instructor Erin K. It can strengthen the body, still the busy mind, and sooth a weary spirit. This class offers several modifications so everyone will feel comfortable in their practice and will primarily focus on relaxation, detoxification and rejuvenation while giving a little love to the self.

We are accepting love donations/offerings for the class but if you have a ticket for the day the class is included.

Join us for this special day of detox, rejuvenation and self  love.

See you there and don’t forget to bring your mat.


By thehealthydiva


The Healing and groundbreaking new work between two sonic masters, brings the healing codes for soul embodiment back to earth, the combined energies of Stellar and Brian T’ Collins, contains many activating light-codes for your soul evolution and expansion.

This music transcends your experience of space and time and returns you to your heart center, the “Seat of the Soul”.  Twenty Twelve is a time of returning to live in the heart, the true dwelling place of cosmic consciousness and this music is composed in the natural tuning of concert pitch A= 432Hz which has many healing attributes. The frequency in which true celestial music was always meant to be experienced for spiritual evolution and expansion of Soul and Consciousness remains 432Hz enjoy!

By thehealthydiva


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Hey all we are looking for people in the GTA who want to join our organic greens group. We are group buying to save $$$$. If you are tired of paying too much for organic veggies get your friends to  join our group for savings. Contact me  at for more details.

As most of you know I teach raw vegan, vegan, green living, juicing and smoothie classes and get my veggies at a good price.

I found that many people were telling me they could not afford the high prices of veggies and started reverting back to buying conventional ingredients to make their meals with.

I decided I could help by offering to share my bounty when I got back from the wholesaler.

I am not profiting from this it is just a happy opportunity that came out of my classes that folks have a chance to share in. If you know anyone that wants to share in this and eat healthy contact me for additional details.

For those who want another source of organics for individuals who can’t afford more contact the Ontario Vegetarian Food Bank you can contact them for help.

They do not have a website just this facebook page and it looks like they could use some help with some of the other web info. Maybe we can offer some assistance to them because their cause looks great.

They have a wonderful program for 2012  ensuring that those most in need will receive their vegetarian diet on a regular basis throughout the city and the province. For more info, call their help line at 416 744 HELP (4357).