A hands on day of introduction to the plant based and green living lifestyle. The day offers individuals an opportunity to learn how to cleanse and purify their bodies while raising their frequency with high vibration live and sprouted foods and more.

Join THE HEALTHY DIVA Deborah Allen as she takes you through purification and shares her knowledge.

Participants experience green living with juices, smoothies, tasty gourmet vegan foods, body detox and crystal healing. You will be shown how to make tasty recipes, do at home detox without spending a lot of money and examine the green living lifestyle.
If this  introduction to healthier living, skin care, eco life etc. is what you want to check out like Oprah says to “lean in” to eco and green living step by step….then these classes are ones you will enjoy!

The living food fundamentals class is one that teaches basics of the raw food diet and the eco green lifestyle.
 Learn how to add vegan & vegetarian foods to your life. Sample organic juices, teas & enjoy vegan foods without becoming 100% vegan or vegetarian & learning how to do a 3 day detox. (includes organic food & handout)
From this class you will not only be learning food preparation and nutrition, but also about the mental, emotional and social aspects of  living the green life, we explore the following in this class:
  • What a raw and living food green living diet is.
  • How to make delicious raw food recipes that taste like your favorite cooked food dishes.
  • How to prepare gourmet raw food meals, simply and easily.
  • How to shop for raw foods.
  • How to do a body detox with living foods.
  • Participants will leave  knowing how to prepare beginner level living food meals, snacks, juices and smoothies etc.
  • This class also covers:
    • How to encourage you to maintain your new eating plan when the going gets tough.
    • Issues dealing with following the eco or green lifestyle  in social settings.
    • how to eat while traveling.
    • Detoxing (emotionally and physically)
    • Basic sprouting techniques

The class meal is made with organic, fresh, local or seasonal ingredients where available and includes the following:

Green smoothie a tasty leafy green veggie drink combined to make a savory or sweet drink that can double as a meal with fruit and veggie juices to cleanse, energize and revitalise your body in minutes.


Zucchini angel hair pasta made from zucchini with fresh tomato or delicious pesto topping with select spices to make you think it was the cooked version.


If you thought you couldn’t eat this much AND have desert you’d be wrong, the delicious coco chocolate pudding tops off the meal in grand style, made with almond milk, organic cacao and mineral rich chia seeds.

Living and raw food is fun, delicious and nutritious and a great way to get the essential nutrients into your body that you need. Food prepared this way is a tasty departure from the humdrum mundane way we have always prepared our food and has proven to be a great way to get healthier, have energy, great skin and lose weight effortlessly.

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LET FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE RAW FOODZ is a company that stands behind their product when the mean use it for their medicinal properties. With six different blends of salad dressing they deliver a power packed punch of nutrients in a simple format…on your salad. Their newest product is a butter substitute food spread that packs a punch of nutrients into a tasty treat that customers say is out of this world!.

RAW FOODZ says “We use a supreme blend of organic whole foods and super foods that carry immune-boosting properties, a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, high fibre content, essential fatty acids, protein and antioxidants”. You can look at their product range here.

Guiomar Campbell is a Holistic Therapist that makes her own therapeutic essential oil blends. If you want a personalized blend to deal with any issue you may have Guiomar is your girl. Want to win the healing gift basket she is offering buy a ticket and enter at the event. Check out her website here for additional details.  about her healing work.
Massage therapy is the working of  layers of muscle and tissue using various techniques, to enhance function and aid in the body’s healing process promoting relaxation and well-being. You can get a massage from just anyone…but the techniques and how the therapist works your muscle tissue to leave you balanced is what you find at ESU MASSAGE THERAPY check them out here. 

Check back daily for additional vendor listings and video’s …..


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